One Billion Devices.
One Triage Platform.

One Billion Devices.

One Triage Platform.

The Challenge

Secure 1b+ devices across the globe. It is critical for analysts to know if a threat is an international intelligence crisis or simply a repeat password failure. But managing enterprise SEIM data (Security Information and Event Management) is overwhelmingly difficult. Security teams need to quickly triage these threats in real time but this problem is compounded when multiple clients need to be monitored at once. Analysts needed a platform to manage the entire security landscape in one place without information fatigue.

Security Rollup

Role: Advisory, UX strategy

Data was ingested from multiple third-party tools like QRadar, LogRhythm, and FireEye. The data provided a complete picture of an organization’s security landscape but it also created redundancy and opened up the opportunity for better data analysis. 


Build a single platform which could house the entire process on onboarding, client management, and security triage.

Process included:

  • UX Research 
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Journey Mapping
  • Vertical Rhythm Documentation
  • Design Governance
  • Prototyping

Information architecture

User Journey Examples

User Journeys Created